Thursday, August 5, 2010


My Gran will be happy.
I planted her rose bush.
It grew.


I have planted a few artichokes in the hope that I can make marinated artichokes, nothing better than a green salad with artichokes and avo.





I've tried to keep everything local and think that although 1682 @ Steenberg isn't actually in Noordhoek its close enough to get a mention.
The breakfasts are heavenly and I have to say, Franck has some serious eggs benedict competition! We popped in for lunch the other day which is just as good. It really is quite difficult to make a choice but Simon went for the oysters served with shallots and red wine vinegar and I had the poached egg with salmon trout and goats cheese. Absolutely delicious.
For those of you that like an oyster every once in a while and then only have 2 or 3, there are alot of you out there, all you need to do is finely chop up a shallot and add to red wine vinegar, pour over each oyster but guaranteed to immediately turn you into an instant oyster glut.
We followed with the lamb and venison which was also good but a bit rich after such decadent starters. There was just no room for desert so we opted for coffee.
They don't do dinner but they do serve tapas in the evenings which is a great way to unwind after a long week or day and not quite ready to face the Ou Kaapse ascent (unless you're the wanna be formula 1 tosser in the white porsche that insists on driving up your tail pipe or taking over the right hand lane)
The wines are lovely and the Steenberg Sparkling Chardonnay is selling faster than "Save the Leopard Toad" bumper stickers.
The decor is beautiful (got to love the wallpaper in the ladies) and the views are spectacular.
Get there fast - they're closing for minor renovations but will be re-open on the 4th of Sept.